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    KFVN Korean Language Classes



    Korean Language Classes

    Free Korean language classes for foreign residents in Korea are offered at the KF Cultural Center’s seminar rooms on Mondays and Fridays (7:00-9:00pm) and Wednesdays (4:00-6:00pm,7:00-9:00pm). Using tailor-made materials that include practical advice for everyday life in Korea, qualified volunteer instructors provide Korean language instruction at 12 levels, from beginner to advanced. About 20 volunteer instructors and more than 200 students participate in each monthly session, which include the annual participation of some 2,000 students from more than 70 different countries.



    Korean Language Classes


    • - The Korean Language Class is offered free of charge.
      However, students are required to purshase textbooks.(Classes will be using the Yeillin Korean textbooks.)
    • - Applicants must take a level test.
      The test will be held in the Korea Foundation Cultural Center Seminar Room.(19th fl., West Tower, Mirae Asset CENTER1)




    • For any questions or inquiries on the Korean Language Class, please following:
      • Contact number: 02-2151-6507 (every Monday and Friday 6pm-9pm, every Wednesday 4pm-9pm)
      • Email address: kfkorean@naver.com or kfvn@naver.com
    • Korea Foundation Cultural Center 02)2151-6520



      2014 Level Test Schedule


      • * The schedule are subject to change due to various circumstances.
      • * The test is held in the KF Cultural Center Seminar Room(19th Fl., West Tower, Miriae Asset CENETR1 Bldg.) at 6p.m.


      KFVN Events in 2014




       Line 2 Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station
      Korea Foundation Cultural Center













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